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We extend a warm welcome to families and individuals who are new to our Parish. Please register at the Rectory so that we can be of service to you.

IMG 4686The annual poor people's dinner was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island on November 19, hosted by project hospitality. The parishioners from all parishes in Staten Island participated including ten from OLHC. OLHC received a special certificate for feeding the poor on Thanksgiving day.  

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Deacon Richard Salhany with a group of children and parents from Our Lady Help of Christian's church participated at Holy Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on November 18. Reverend Monsignor Robert T. Ritchie celebrated the Mass while Deacon Salhany assisted him.

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Many children participated at Thanksgiving children's day program on Sunday, November 18, after 10.00 am Mass.


2018 OT 32A

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