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This was truly an exciting night for the boys who came such a long way in just a few short years.  From barely winning a gm a few years ago, to 14 wins last year and now there first Championship.  More importantly is the life lessons Coach Dave and I are teaching them and the ability to face adversity through the strength of faith and teamwork...all is possible!!!  The following is our TEAM:

Dave Fogelstrom - Head Coach
Chris Caropolo - Asst. Coach
Gerard Paramithis #6, Jake Caropolo #7, Ethan Fogelstrom #10, David Leverock #4, Antonio Tarantino #12, Nicholas Filocamo #1, Michael Colucci #8, Rian Duca #3, Christopher Nitti #9, Armando Elci #2.  Tonight at 530pm, OLHC won 14-11 to win the 4th grade/9yr old CYO Summer League Championships @ OLSS.



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