Altar Servers

At Our Lady Help of Christians all boys and girls in grades 5 to 12 can be altar servers whose parents are registered in the parish: they are expected to participate as Altar Servers at the Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Please contact Fr. Frank Dias

Pope John Paul II said that Altar Servers are “servants of Jesus Christ, the eternal high priest. Therefore, you are called in a particular way to be young friends of Jesus.”

Role of Altar Server:
Altar servers play a crucial and necessary role in the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Mass. Being an altar server helps young people become more confident interacting with other people and being in front of people. Furthermore altar servers get a chance to deepen their faith in a way that is fun and interesting. They also get a chance to make good friends.

Training sessions are required and are conducted in the Fall of each year.  Any prospective server who misses them must make them up. They will only be assigned to serve after they prove themselves to be comfortable and confident in the Sanctuary.

Most Important Requirement:
- Candidates should be willing to recite the prayers aloud and be willing to have hands joined when in Sanctuary

Before each Mass:
Candidates must arrive at least 20 minutes before the assigned Mass begins.  Dress up, sign in, check the sanctuary for all needed items, place the cushions and the bell in front of the altar and take a seat in the rear of the church with the other ministers for silent prayer and reflection.

Odds and Ends: once you process into Mass, always have your hands joined. Be sure to change the roles of Crucifer and acolytes. Here at OLHC we genuflect to the Jesus in the tabernacle upon arrival and departure in and out of the sanctuary, other times we bow.

Clean up: A server's job is not over at the end of Mass. Before removing your robe blow out all of the candles, or if need use the candle snuffer to extinguish the candles. In our parish, we help the Deacons and the Eucharistic Ministers to clean up and prepare for the next Mass.

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